Ranch House Tour

Tours of the Santa Margarita Ranch House complex (Ranch House, Chapel, and Bunkhouse Museum) are conducted on the first Tuesday, second Wednesday and third Thursday of the month, from October through May by the Rancho Santa Margarita y Las Flores Docents (rsmylf.org).  These tours are available by appointment only.

Photograph by Corporal Shannon E. McMillan, US Marine Corps

Events such as weddings, retirement and promotion ceremonies, and other such events may be held at the Ranch House complex, to include the Chapel.

Photograph courtesy of Charlie Neuman, San Diego Union-Tribune

To sign up for a tour or to reserve the Ranch House complex for an event, please contact the History and Museum Branch at the following:

Phone:  (760) 725-5758

Email:  MCBCAMPEN_history@usmc.mil

Fax:  (760) 725-5727 – Attn: History & Museums