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Groundbreaker Newsletter
The latest issue of the CPHS Groundbreaker newsletter has been published.   Once again, our writers were working overtime to create another 8-page issue, which is twice the size of our typical quarterly newsletter.  We hope you enjoy the various topics we covered in this issue.  If you would like to write a historical article for the newsletter, please contact our Membership Director at

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CPHS Has Raised More Than $72,000 For The SSgt Reckless Monument Project
Thanks to the generous support of so many CPHS Members and friends, we have raised more than $72,000 for the SSgt Reckless Monument to be placed aboard Camp Pendleton.  However, it’s still not too late to contribute to the campaign.  You can still join the campaign and contribute by sending a check or donating via PayPal.  Check our Projects page for details on donations.

Camp Pendleton has approved our installation plans and construction of the monument base is scheduled to begin on Aug. 29.  A dedication of the monument is tentatively set for Oct. 26, 2016.  Our partner, Robin Hutton, and CPHS are excited about this progress and look forward to seeing many of you there.

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Thanks to our existing members for their membership renewal, welcome to our new members, and thanks to those that have donated to the Camp Pendleton Historical Society (CPHS).

It’s great to have you as part of the team!

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The Camp Pendleton Historical Society (CPHS) is dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich and colorful history of the land that is now Camp Pendleton.  Our interests span the entire history of the region, to include prehistoric times, native American culture, the Spanish mission era, the rancho story, and finally, the United States Marine Corps ownership since 1942.